EarthData International

     EarthData, a provider of digital mapping imagery, data and programming. A new logo was created by R/S that visually represents the transformation of both the organization and the products and services it provides to clients worldwide. Together with an identity manual for management of the brand, a system of print marketing pieces and a new website,, all developed by R/S, EarthData’s corporate presence in the global market is expanded and strengthened. Using this integrated marketing approach to design, R/S recently created graphics and promotional materials for a trade show exhibition booth.


EarthData capabilities brochure

    This 30 page brochure was designed for EarthData to use as capabilities promoting hand-out at many of the trade shows they participate in.


    Custom artwork was created for certain pages using actual GIS data scanned from flyovers.  We imported elevation data for bare earth, first run data, and flood levels into our 3D graphics software to help create this illustration of a 100 years flood analysis expected to take place in North Carolina. 

Business Card CD-ROM

  A business card sized CD-ROM was included in a slot on the back of the Capabilities brochure.  The CD launched a web-based interface for accessing the other content on the CD such as an offline version of the EarthData website and a PDF version of the brochure. 


     The image to above was created as a splash screen for the new EarthData web site.  It was created using various Photoshop and 3D application techniques.  

Using frames as well as a combination of percentage and pixel based HTML attributes, the site was designed to adjust itself for different window sizes. 
     The site also uses IIS server extensions such that company personnel can easily edit text and add pages using online templates and without having to consciously download the pages they want to edit. 

      Corporate Identity Manual, Stationery Program, Capabilities brochure,  Fact Sheets, Holiday Card, and Event Invitation developed for EarthData marketing program.  


   Trade show exhibit booth graphics include a timeline and photography.